Source for Signature Eye Care

Dubuque Family Eye Care in Dubuque is a proud member of Vision Source® — North America’s largest and most prestigious network of independent eye doctors with more than 5,500 members and 2,700 locations nationwide.

Through our affiliation with Vision Source, we are able to provide the Dubuque community with a higher level of patient care.


Vision Source member offices are dedicated to maintaining the special relationship between a patient and his or her family eye doctor. Decisions regarding your eye health are made in the office and are based upon what is best for your continued good vision.


Vision Source members include some of the most prestigious eye doctors in the country. In addition to serving their patients, members serve as professors and lecturers, as officers of local, state and national professional associations, and as research associates for clinical trials of new products and treatments.


Because of the size and prestige of the Vision Source network, manufacturers look to Vision Source members first to introduce new instruments and diagnostic equipment. Member offices are on the cutting edge of technology in eye healthcare and are able to offer the most advanced vision care available.


Meet all your eye care needs under one roof. Dubuque Family Eye Care provides vision exams and evaluations, a wide variety of contact lenses, frames and spectacle lenses, and skilled opticians to ensure the proper fit.

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