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They remember you by your EYES, Captivate Their Memories

Where traditional eye and skincare remedies fall short, The Eye Spa at Dubuque Family Eye Care provides top-quality treatment options to restore a beautiful, natural complexion to your eyes and face.

Advanced techniques heal and soothe a wide range of conditions affecting the eyes and skin through clean, relaxing processes. Our professional team offers the highest quality treatments to replace strain and discomfort with lovely skin and crystal-clear, comfortable eyes.


Welcome to the NEW YOU!

The Eye Spa at Dubuque Family Eye Care is proud to be amongst the 1% of nationwide providers who utilize advanced IPL technology to effectively treat dry eye disease and conditions. Thanks to Lumenis Stellar IPL, The Eye Spa brings healing to dry eyes by alleviating abnormal and inflamed blood vessels, leveling out the concentration of the tear film, and restoring functionality to the Meibomian glands.

The Eye Spa’s Lumenis IPL targets the underlying cause of dry eye, with multiple wavelengths at the same time, alleviating the irritating conditions, clogged eyelid glands, and the red inflammation brought about by Rosacea.


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