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If you have keratoconus or irregularly shaped corneas, specialty contact lenses provide a safe, comfortable alternative to eyeglasses. At Dubuque Family Eye Care in Dubuque, Iowa, optometrist Lynn Lester, OD, proudly offers several types of specialty contact lenses to adults, teenagers, and children. To explore your treatment options, schedule an appointment by calling the office, or booking one online today.

Specialty Contact Lenses Q & A

What are specialty contact lenses?

Specialty contact lenses treat a variety of vision-related problems, including astigmatism, presbyopia, keratoconus, myopia, and hyperopia.

In the past, these conditions made it difficult to wear traditional contact lenses. This is because many of them result due to unusually shaped corneas. Specialty contact lenses work to address these problems, providing a comfortable and safe alternative to eyeglasses. 

Are there different types of specialty contact lenses?

At Dubuque Family Eye Care, Dr. Lester offers several types of specialty contact lenses, including:

Ortho-k lenses

Orthokeratology, or ortho-k, uses permeable gas contact lenses to reshape your cornea — the clear outer portion of your eye responsible for refracting light — gradually. If you’ve been diagnosed with hyperopia, myopia, or astigmatism, ortho-k lenses can restore your vision without the need for eyeglasses or LASIK surgery. Ortho-k lenses aren’t soft or malleable, but they are comfortable and easy to adjust to with time.

Keratoconus lenses

Keratoconus is a common eye-related problem that causes your cornea to bulge outward into the shape of a cone. Over time, this condition results in sensitivity to lights and glare as well as blurry vision. Like ortho-K lenses, keratoconus lenses carefully reshape your cornea, easing uncomfortable symptoms associated with the condition and they are often the only option for providing significantly improved vision.

Scleral lenses

If you have another eye-related medical condition that affects the shape of your cornea, and you aren’t a good candidate for keratoconus or ortho-k lenses, Dr. Lester might recommend scleral lenses. Scleral lenses cover the entire colored portion of your eye and sit on top of the whites or sclera. Your sclera supports the lens, helping it correct cornea-related vision problems comfortably and effectively.

Am I a good candidate for specialty contact lenses?

Only a qualified optometrist like Dr. Lester can determine if you are a good candidate for specialty contact lenses. A specialty contact lens appointment is much different than a traditional contact lens appointment. 

During your initial exam and consultation, Dr. Lester reviews your medical history, asks you about your symptoms, and conducts a thorough eye exam. She also conducts a series of additional tests to gain insights into the shape of your cornea and determine the type of prescription that will most benefit you. 

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of specialty contact lenses, schedule an appointment at Dubuque Family Eye Care by calling the office or booking online today.